The 20 best jobs to NOT apply for.

We all know the pain of looking for a new dream job. Even when you’ve previously been in a great role, the minute you’re looking for a new job as an active candidate, life gets hard.

You’re applying to job adverts on job boards with thousands of othmaers, dealing with automated, inhuman email responses, and when you do occasionally get to speak to a human, they are so inexperienced they have no idea what you’re capable of, or the role they are recruiting for.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes the employment process can feel a bit like getting a taxi. Get in line, swallow your pride, and do as you’re told.

So you might like to know there are more and more companies flipping that process, treating candidates like the consumers we are, and helping you speak with real people inside their business, people that know your role, people you will ultimately work with.

And all without having to apply to job ads. The best companies have reinvented themselves away from reactive direct recruitment.

So without further ado, here are the top 20 employers in Australia where you can let them know directly you’re interested in them, without applying to job ads, by joining their Talent Communities.

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General Pants Co.

With 50 retail stores around Australia pumping out the hippest fashion trends this summer, General Pants Co. have hired over 500 people this year so far without a single job ad. Join their Talent Community here.


Michael Hill.

If diamonds are more your friend and you think your selling charm can compliment their beautiful charms, then join the Michael Hill Talent Community here.


Ertech Group.

Perhaps you prefer to build the diamond mines rather than sell them? If managing or operating big Tonka machinery floats your boat, say hello to the Ertech team today and join their Talent Community here.



They’re not just Australia’s largest supplier of plumbing and bathroom products. They’re a company that’s creating, innovating, and achieving amazing things with their team of over 4,000 people. Find where your skills fit in by joining their Talent Community here.


Ever wanted to work for a tech start up company? It’s all the rage in Silicon Valley California, and is becoming quite the popular career in Australia too. Westpac Reinventure is a tech startup hub that houses hundreds of new tech businesses who are always on the lookout for sales, marketing, software developer and designer people to accelerate them into the next Google. Join the Reinventure Talent Community here.



Same goes for Pollenizer startup hub in Sydney, they are responsible for some of the familiar tech companies we know today, including cofounding Spreets, which sold to Yahoo for $40 million. They are a smart bunch and always looking for even smarter people. Help them create the next Uber by joining their Talent Community here.



It’s hard to walk or drive down a street without seeing a billboard owned by oOh! Media. oOh!’s brand and assets are unmissable, and you can make yourself unmissable to their team too, by simply joining their Talent Community here.


Morgans Stockbroking

Fancy yourself the astute stock market trader? Given the odd 20-bagger stock tip once or twice? If reading the market is as easy to you as reading the alphabet in alphabetical order, then joining the largest national network of stockbrokers, wealth managers and corporate advisors managing over 300,000 clients might be your best career move yet.

Join their Talent Community for Western Australia here.


Join their Talent Community for Victoria here.

Talent Pool

Join their Talent Community for New South Wales here.



If giving people stock advise is not your thing, but you still love the wolf of wall street scene, perhaps helping listed companies improve their investor brand and exposure to media is more up your alley. NWR help some of the coolest listed companies navigate the media minefield, and you can to by joining their Talent Community here.



Named one of the top 50 places to work for by Fortune Magazine. When you combine this with the fact that you can land a job with KPMG without even applying to a job advert, you can quickly see why KPMG is so hot right now. If you consider yourself a bit of a commercial guru, then put your corporate advisory skills to good use and join their Talent Community here.



The crown jewell of the Australian corporate scene, the Wesfarmers headquarters has some of the brightest minds in the business, overseeing a group of companies (Coles, Bunnings etc) that employ and serve more australians than any other business. This talent Community is only for the corporate office profession, it is not where you go to land a job with Coles or Bunnings. But if you are the absolute top of your professional game (analysts, mergers and acquisitions, consultants etc), then join their Talent Community here.


Alfred Health.

If you live in Victoria you will definitely know Alfred Health. One of the largest, most advanced, and respected public hospitals in Victoria, and the way they treat people that want to work for them is now equal if not better to the way they treat their patients. Join their Talent Community here.



Have a passion for supporting people with disabilities? Nulsen practically wrote the book this profession and their care for both their patients and their team is summarised best by the fact that their CEO started as a support worker at Nulsen in 1982! 34 years later the CEO is ensuring the next generation of employees (you) can meet their team without having to apply through job adverts. Join their Talent Community here.



Vivir, meaning “to live” in Spanish, epitomises their mission to make people’s lives better. For 16 years Vivir’s team of clinicians and carers have provided reliable, trusted allied health, nursing and personal care services to the elderly in all capital cities and major regional locations across Australia. If that’s you’re calling too, join their Talent Community here.


Telstra Health.

Did you know that separate to telecommunications, Telstra are now one of the largest digital Health organisations in Australia? Everything from online doctor appointment bookings to managing patient records seamlessly in the cloud. This is a huge growth market and if you love working in technology, then join the Telstra Health Talent Community today.


Big Review TV.

You know those short, cool, promo videos you see helping people learn about many of the awesome small businesses in your local area?  That’s Big Review TV. They are a fun bunch of video production crew, software developers and business development personnel that are bringing small business to life, one video at a time. Sound fun to work there? Join the Big Review Talent Community today.



Prefer wielding your tech skills for lots of different companies at the same time? Look no further than KJR. KJR provide digital project services to big brands including Amazon, Fujitsu, Microsoft and SAP, and are obsessed with customer experience. They also happen to be obsessed with candidate experience, that’s you! Join the KJR Talent Community today.



Biotech. That just sounds cool and we are not sure there is much more to say here. Amgen’s mission is to serve patients. They dedicate their days to turning the tide on serious, life-interrupting illnesses—pushing the boundaries of science to transform medicine. Enjoy business development or medial research in the pharmaceutical arena? Join the Amgen Talent Community today.


The ORS Group.

The ORS Groups mission is to help all disadvantaged job seekers become gainfully employed. It’s a huge mission considering more than a 1/3rd of our workforce are able to work but struggle to get a go. ORS know perhaps more than anyone how frustrating it can be looking for a job, and as a result, they have made it incredibly easy to engage directly with their team by joining the ORS Group Talent Community today.



If your organisation is still rejecting more candidates than you’re recruiting, then launch your own Talent Community today and reinvent yourself away from reactive recruitment.








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