LiveHire at the 2017 Australasian Talent Conference in Sydney #ATC2017

Bob Dylan probably wasn’t talking about recruitment when he sang the times, they are a-changing, but boy was it a fitting theme for the 11th Annual Australasian Talent Conference (ATC) 2017 in Sydney.

So, what went down?

LiveHire’s Stand 29 was a place for high-fives, sharing of ideas, and umbrellas. Yes, umbrellas.

LiveHire umbrellas

With Sydney’s rainy reputation in mind and our promise of never keeping talent in the rain, we offered free LiveHire umbrella’s to anyone who signed up to a LiveHire industry portal.

Under LiveHire’s umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.

But this wasn’t Stand 29’s only hit. By covering our walls with blank sheets, we allowed people to vent their HR Frustrations or add to our HR Wish List.

What was most popular on our HR Frustrations List?What, seriously?

 “Time taken to fill a role”

There is no surprise as, over the past five years,  time to hire has more than doubled from 28 days to 68. When did this become acceptable? Not only does this compromise companies’ productivity and growth, but it costs the company hugely in a financial sense. It seems crazy that in a world that has on-demand everything, people are willing to settle for 68 days. HR Frustrations listLiveHire gives you this on-demand urgency. Instead of posting on job boards, LiveHire gives you direct access to the knowledge of who is available for job opportunities, without having to ever post a single thing.

What was most popular on our HR Wish List? Harry Potter wishlist

“Quality Talent, Easy to find” 

Quality talent doesn’t just involve skills that look good on paper. It incorporates behavioural, cultural, and able fit for your business. Our humanising platform doesn’t mean that candidates are applying for jobs with hundreds of other companies. They join Talent Communities and actually directly chat with the companies hiring managers. This process creates Live Talent Pools of perfect gender diversity, cultural diversity, and inclusion, creating a pool of quality talent available at a single click.HR Wish List

LiveHire Founder Dr. Mike Haywood’s presented on the topic of “Humanising your recruitment- your career and your company’s survival depends on it”.crowd clapping for mike

It has been predicted that half of the Fortune500 companies will disappear in the next 15 years. Right by their side will be the reactive recruitment methods that ultimately led to their slow demise.

Innovation and creativity start with having a proactive recruitment process that speaks to the diverse and quality talent. Proactive recruitment is a complete 180 to the process that recruitment teams currently consider standard practice.

The good news is that the new world of humanised recruitment offers endless opportunities for recruiters to learn and evolve in new, more strategic, enriching roles.

LiveHire presents a framework for building innovation and agility into your recruitment process, setting yourself and your organisation up for future success.

Check out Mike’s presentation here.

LiveHire’s Yvonne Sims hosted a roundtable discussion.





It was all eyes on Yvonne when she shared her personal insight on building talent pipelines, Talent Pools, and Talent Communities. Stay tuned on our blog for Yvonne’s personal recount of the discussion.

Everyone got pretty into the tropical-themed after party.hawaii theme!

It’s a good look, huh? Shout out to the LiveHire team for always putting 100% into everything they do!

And that’s a wrap!

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