The 2017 #LiveHireXmasPartyTrip 🎉🙌 #OwnItTogether

Have you heard about the 2017 LiveHire Christmas Party? That time when the LiveHire team from all around the country flew to Melbourne to workshop our product for several days, before heading to the Yarra Valley in Victoria for two nights so that they could celebrate our achievements together, as a team? #ReachHire

Well, if you don’t know, it’s time to learn!  🎉🙌

Having almost doubled in staff in the past year, the 2017 LiveHire Christmas Party was the time to unite our team by providing an opportunity to share and empower the flow of our thoughts and ideas while allowing us to get to know members of the team that we wouldn’t usually work with… so that we could #OwnItTogether.  

The first full day saw us focus on product and in particular, understanding the candidate so that we can #BeCuriousAlways. We workshopped our own personal experiences, as well as those of people that we’d spoken with. We discovered alternative ways of thinking, as well as alternative perspectives.

 True to LiveHire’s personality, our setting for the day was no ordinary setting. It took place in the upstairs room of an Irish Pub.

 Day two began with another all team workshop, to reflect on the previous day’s work. This morning focused greatly on our value of being #OpenHonestly as we had the opportunity to express our fears, our failings, and how we can work together to eliminate these fears. 💪

After wrapping the workshop off, and after a quick team lunch, we were off to the Yarra Valley! 🌳

For those feeling adventurous, it was time for the 2017 LiveHire Open organised by our own golf pro, Shih Ching!While others decided to check out the sites of Healesville either by foot, or bike. 🚲After a little bit of downtime, it was time for the most spectacular BBQ, in the most fabulous setting. Those that were lucky even saw some kangaroos. #How’sTheSerenity?  The Friday saw a day full of activities, starting with the Amazing Race in the Yarra Valley. LiveHire was split into teams, each creating their own catchphrase and group chant. We worked to our own personal strengths, and team strengths, holding each other up whenever we were ready to fall.

 From exploring mazes to taking part in frisbee races, one key highlight of the day was undoubtedly the “Eat a dry salada” competition.

#Disclaimer: Watch this video at your own discretion.

The second half of the day saw the LiveHire team taking part in a bush walk, where we worked on a survivor strategy task. It was truly inspiring to be at one with nature and to pay tribute to the original owners of the land, The Wurundjeri People.Our final night saw us visit the absolutely stunning Meletos Winery for the last supper and a night none of us will ever forget. The rustic, shabby chic venue provided a visually beautiful setting, topped off with the view of a crazy thunderstorm across the valley. 

 As we sat and shared food with our team, it was a wonderful time to reflect on the achievements of the past year, as well as the hopes and dreams for the coming year.

If you’re interested in joining the LiveHire team, be sure to join our Talent Community, or check out the LiveHire Careers page.

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