#5 LiveHire Lessons w/ Ashley & Hannah: How to write a career summary that will get you noticed.

At LiveHire, we’re dedicated to empowering the flow of the world’s talent, so that we can help you to live the career you’ll love. #LiveHireLessons 🙌

Everywhere we look we see advertising for products and services that sell the promise of improving your chances of finding employment. Whether it’s a resume builder, a fancy font, or even a ghostwriter who will write your resume for you, these organisations attempt to sell the job hunting process as something unattainable for most people.


Not only does this result in the process appearing to be even more daunting, but it also generates resumes that miss the point completely. Time and time again career summaries on LiveHire profiles miss the point and don’t tell the prospective employer the things they really want to know.

So, how do you write a good career summary for your LiveHire profile?

It’s all about keeping it simple!

Make sure your brief introduction is just that, brief. But at the same time, make it eye-catching and interesting! What’s different about you? Why would you be a great fit? Show us your point of difference. Can you juggle? Let us know.

Be sure to state your relevant years of experience.

Let us know just how much experience you’ve got, we won’t be able to resist!

Make it clear, succinct, and to the point.

There’s no need to waffle on, and don’t even think about using synonyms to make your career summary sound fancier. We want to know who you are.

Tell us which roles you’re interested in working in.

What are you interested in? Where do you see yourself going? Are there skills you’re interested in developing and working on?

Be professional.

Being professional isn’t about being formal or over-the-top. It’s about making sure you’ve covered the basics. Be sure that you’ve checked your spelling and grammar more than once, and that the language that you’ve used is appropriate.

Committed to ensuring candidates have the best possible opportunities for success in their job hunt, Talent Community Consultant Ashley Wilson and Candidate Success Advocate Hannah Savage aim to provide the best possible candidate experience. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or visit us here. Or, if you want to learn why it pays to be professional, you can do so here.  💁

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