6 Talent Community Trends to watch out for in 2018

As technology advances and Artificial Intelligence (AI) threatens to change the world we know, we’re predicting our top six Talent Community trends to watch out for in 2018.

(1) Federated profiles:

A federated profile, also known as a federated identity, is the linking of a person’s electronic identity (various online profiles, websites, social media accounts, etc.), which are stored across multiple management systems. The data in the federated profile is consistently live, and consistently accurate. The issue that majority of Talent Community software users face is that they don’t allow their candidates to use their one profile and data set to privately join the Talent Communities of various employers. This means that in order to keep your candidates engaged and the data current, you’ll need a team of recruitment marketers or marketing software. Federated profiles would remove this need, and could potentially be the difference between the success and failure of your Talent Community as a major source of quality talent.

(2) ChatBots:

The growth of AI will see an effect on all elements of business, even communication. While Talent Communities are all about humanising the recruitment process, there are examples of more simple communication which can be handled with AI through ChatBots. For example, there may be a person who joins your Talent Community who appears almost perfect for a specific Talent Pool. They are, however, failing to provide one specific qualification in their profile which it is more than likely they already have. A ChatBot would simply prompt them to add it to their profile, which may potentially save you hundreds of hours when recruiting and bring you closer to the right talent for your business.

(3) Third party HR app marketplaces:

As Talent Communities grow in popularity and quickly become the single destination for all hires, you’ll see more and more widgets and software integrate into the Talent Community platforms to provide unique services to your ecosystem. This will include everything from calendar integrations to video interviewing software. You’ll even have the luxury of choosing which third party software and features you want in your recruitment process, and turning them on with a switch, not a six-month integration. Cool, huh?

(4) Talent Community Outsourcing (TCO):

As you know, Talent Community operations are quite different to the traditional recruitment approach. Sourcing changes from advertising to magnetising, recruitment shifts from procurement of applicants to having conversations with Talent Pools of prospective talent, and your branding goes from employee value proposition to deliver meaningful experiences. If your internal capability is not able to shift to this evolved approach, there are several of the major global RPO firms now offering specialised managed serviced offerings, known as Talent Community Outsourcing (TCO). This will be much more prominent in 2018, with 2-3 of the global top RPO firms leading the charge. Stay tuned for more information!

(5) Internal Mobility:

Your Talent Community will be a blend of current, and future prospective talent, and your visibility of your internal workforce and capability will materially improve. This will give you greater scope and capability in workforce planning, cap analysis, and support for more agile transformation. #Winning

(6) Blending of contingent and permanent workforces

With the contingent workforce predicted to dramatically increase in the coming years, with more people gravitating towards “non-permanent” work, employers are needing to adjust to these trends. Instead of looking to solely recruit permanent talent, organisations will need to blend their Talent Communities to incorporate both the permanent workforce and the contingent. Read more about the growing trend of the contingent workforce here.

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