6 Things Recruiters do on LiveHire in a Day.

1. Recruiters view new candidates in their Talent Community.

When recruiters log into their Talent Community they can instantly see the last five people who joined. To see more, they can simply filter their Talent Community by people who joined in the last day, week, even year.

If a candidate has joined their Talent Community six years ago and hasn’t updated their profile since it would be normal for the recruiter to seem a little uninterested.

It’s important for the candidate to keep their profile up to date. 

2. Rates candidates. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

You may not know this, but candidates are given a rating out of five, based on the information that they provide.

This is basically a rating for how compatible their skills are for that particular company.

But don’t worry, the rating from one hiring manager/ recruiter isn’t visible to another in a different Talent Community.

Everyone has different tastes, and we get that! Just look at the top rated films on IMDb, if you don’t believe me (Avatar, really?).

3. Talent Pools candidates for future roles.

If the recruiter thinks the candidate has great skills, but aren’t a perfect fit for the position that’s currently available, they’ll Talent Pool the candidate.

This means they’ll engage with the candidate before a role is available so that they can make a quick hire and get the candidate a job faster when the right one comes up.

Please note, no one needs to know how to swim for this section… there are no real pools! 

4. Engages with candidates for future roles.

If the recruiter is really keen on a candidates skills, they may contact them even if they don’t have a readily available role.

This may be anything from a quick welcome message, to a phone call.

This is to learn more about the candidate’s experience, their personality, and if they’ll fit within the company.

This open line of communication between the company and prospective candidate is an incredibly important step in creating a strong relationship between the two. It’s all about the human connection!

5. Nurtures candidates with incomplete profiles.

Sometimes candidates don’t complete their profiles. They forget or perhaps don’t know how to upload important documents, specific experience, or their educational background information.

The recruiter will give tips to help candidates complete their profiles, which not only helps them have a thriving pool of candidates within their own specific Talent Community, but to also help the candidate’s success in other Talent Communities that they may join.

It’s all about sharing talent and finding the best fit for your company!

6. Looks up cat videos on YouTube.

Look, we can’t speak for all recruiters, but we’ve known a few recruiters who don’t mind looking up the odd cat video now and then.

Hey, we’re not judging. We <3 Grumpy Cat. 

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