5 ways to keep your Silver Applicant candidates warm!

Ashley Wilson, Talent Community Consultant at LiveHire, offers suggestions for how she keeps in contact with Silver Applicants!

1. Add them on LinkedIn

This means you can keep up to date with their newsfeed and ‘like’ their updates or articles showing a genuine interest. Because LinkedIn alerts you to the candidates birthday, I’m able to then send them a ‘Happy Birthday’ message via the LiveHire platform, making sure our communication continues to flow.

2. Remember their personal story

If a candidate has a significant event in their lives coming up, such as getting married or going overseas, pop this into your calendar to check their profile at this time and send them well wishes via the platform.

3. Ask them for referrals

By asking candidates for referrals for roles they are unable to accept/ or don’t qualify for, it shows that you really value their skills and want to engage with their network. Be sure to provide an excellent candidate experience to all referrals by calling them straight away and giving them honest feedback.

#Tip: If you receive a referral, be sure to use the referral link to identify when they came through.

4. Set up a calendar reminder to engage 

It’s impossible to remember to send all these messages to candidates, so pop it into your calendar to periodically check in. Be sure to ask if they are actively looking for a role, or if they are interested in hearing about new opportunities with your company. This will mean you can keep them in ‘Ready to hire’ and alert them to new opportunities.

#Hint: It is also important to check in with them to remind them to update their profile occasionally with new skills they have acquired.

5. Invite them to company events

Work with your marketing team to invite quality candidates to upcoming events. This will give them an opportunity to get a feel for your company culture and may even persuade them to leave that existing role to come to work for you! It’s also a great way to make engagement more casual and to get that little bit closer to candidates.

Ashley Wilson is a Talent Community Consultant for LiveHire. Visit us here for more information about how we can transform your recruitment process. #GetLiveHired

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