8 ways to boost your team’s proactive Talent Pooling in 2018

It’s time to embrace all things proactive and optimize your Talent Pooling in 2018!

  1. It’s all about planning, planning and then more planning
    So that you can set up Talent Pools that will be relevant all year long, it’s important to think ahead. Try to envisage the future of your business. Who may you need to recruit? Which areas of the business will be expanding and growing? What types of skills are you interested in focusing on? Make these pools the centre of your approach. The trick is to be one step ahead at all times.
  2. Bull’s eye! It’s important to set targets
    It’s important to determine targets for your Talent Pools. On LiveHire, an average of one in four people in a Talent Pool that are invited to an interview, accept! So, that means if you want three people to interview for every open role, on demand, you’ll need a Talent Pool of 12 times your annual hires for that role. This is an important step in the proactive process for you and your team to establish and be aligned on.
  3. Create incentives for your team
    As well as being aligned with what you want your Talent Pools to be like, it’s important that your team has incentives for reaching these targets. This may be in the form of a leaderboard, a lunch, a bonus, a voucher, or even gold stars… make your team hungry!
  4. Form (good) habits!
    It’s important to create habits that become part of your daily routine. For example, you may spend 15 minutes each morning over coffee vetting suggestions and refining your filters. Be sure to add your top five unsuccessful applicants from each role to your Talent Pools.
    #Hint: Candidates get better with more age and experience, so if they aren’t the right fit today, they may be in six months time!
  5. You’ve gotta run Expressions of Interest (EOIs)
    Create EOIs specifically for your Talent Pools and publish them to your career page and any other job board that accepts EOIs. You never know when or where you’re going to find the best talent.
  6. It’s all about sharing (and caring)
    It’s important that at regular intervals, preferably weekly, you ask your work colleagues to share the links to your EOIs on social media. You never know whose eye your post may catch.
  7. Keep in touch with your Talent Pool
    It’s all about communication, regular communication. In particular, it’s important that you ask your Talent Pool for referrals to build other Talent Pools. For example, ask a Graphic Designer for good UI/UX people, and visa versa. People don’t mind helping with referrals, and it not only builds your Talent Communities, but it creates a stronger connection between you and said person.
  8. You’ve got to own it together
    It’s important that you ask your Hiring Managers to add the link to your Talent Community or EOIs at the top of their LinkedIn profiles, or other social media profiles. Reaching out to their network means a potential increase to talent in your Talent Community and an increase in talent in your Talent Pools.

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