Does your candidate experience win awards?


In 2015, whilst many organisations continued the traditional approach to candidate experience, Barminco flipped it on its head.

Does this sound familiar?

1. Advertise all open roles,
2. Process floods of applicants through frustrating, automated, multi form filling applicant tracking systems,
3. Reject 99% of the applicants.

That doesn’t win a people’s choice candidate experience award.

Barminco‘s recruitment team, lead by Stan Rolfe, won the CandE awards out of the US, with a more human centred recruitment approach using LiveHire technology for sourcing and recruitment, and other cool approaches including an Oculus Rift virtual reality system.

High fives Stan!

What are the CandE awards? An annual award that recognises incredible candidate experience in sourcing and recruitment, through wait for it… surveying all your past candidates.


Who is brave enough to do that?

Well, if you were using LiveHire technology, we can guarantee that next time the award nominations come around, you’ll confidently put your hand up, and the LiveHire team will be there to cheer you on.

You can watch Stan talking LiveHire strategy in the short video below.

Well done Stan and the Barminco team. Here’s to taking candidate experience to the next level in 2016!

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