What’s the US Brain Drain?

Which presidential candidate win would make you want to leave the US?

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Cast your vote below by joining either Brain Drain Talent Community, and add your productivity value to the total Brain Drain cost to the US.

And who knows, you might just snag a job in Australia at the same time.

Donald Trump hillary

$9,352,000 vs $8,568,000

Total Trump Brain Drain vs Total Hillary Brain Drain

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If the thought of contributing to the US economy under Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton makes you want to pack up and leave, then Australia wants you! Come ride Kangaroos to work, surf the white sandy beaches at lunch, and have barbecues every evening in the warm summer air. But in all seriousness, there are thousands of amazing companies that would love you, and Johnny Depp’s dog, to call Australia home.

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