Case Study: Building Talent Pools for Diversity with Jon Bowker

Last week Perth’s Dominion Bar was the meeting ground for LiveHire, Sonru and Jon Bowker to join forces and uncover the secrets behind building diverse Talent Pools for your organisation and boy, was it a hit!

With the backdrop of a speakeasy style Whiskey cellar, Jon Bowker, Head of Recruitment for Roy Hill, passionately and honestly discussed his own personal experience  in building diverse Talent Pools to assure diverse future hires

Attendees listen to Jon Bowker discuss diverse talent poolsWith both drinks and food flowing at a generous rate, like we were really in 1920’s America, Monday evening had a keen focus on exploring the benefits of recreating the way people approach, adapt, and pursue the hiring process through proactive recruitment.

“Positioning your employment brand to achieve true diversity in your talent pool is crucial”

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Emphasising the importance of shifting the mindset of recruiters and companies alike away from the ‘traditional’ reactive model of recruiting, Jon Bowker explored his own stories of personal and professional success through his learnings on building diverse Talent Pools.Attendees listen to Jon Bowker discuss diverse talent poolsSeveral concepts discussed by Jon Bowker, which were introduced by LiveHire’s Founder and Growth Director Mike Haywood, explored proven theories and benefits including:

  1. LiveHire’s ability to grant access to diverse and available talent through it’s inclusive and unique processes.
  2. How to proactively source talent for your workplace using LiveHire.
  3. The time and quality advantage of using Sonru’s video interviewing software to screen potential candidates.
  4. How to keep your candidates constantly engaged for quality future hires.
  5. The protection and growth of a companies brand reputation due to candidate satisfaction in the proactive recruitment process.

“Putting a job advertisement up would get nearly 98% men in a technology space”

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Attendees discuss diverse talent pools

Just like speakeasies, which were created in reaction to Prohibition laws, LiveHire’s proactive recruitment solution was developed in reaction to dissatisfaction with traditional HR systems. The feeling of change and progression was most definitely in the air! Did someone say “Revolution”? 

LiveHire Event Attendees discuss diverse talent poolsThanks to Jon Bowker for his unique and inspiring presentation, as well as our event series partners, Sonru, for making this a night to remember. Thank you again!

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