Talent Community Case Study: Retail Hiring

Last Wednesday, GM of HR at General Pants, Michelle Farrar-Eagles spoke about how LiveHire helped her team achieve their retail hiring goals for their Christmas campaign to a room full of Melbourne HR professionals. Healthcare, Recruitment, and Media were just a few of the industries present at the client networking event.

“We need it simple and we need it fast. That’s what we got through LiveHire.”


In just two weeks General Pants had grown their Talent Community to nearly 20,000 candidates. That’s basically a recruiter’s nightmare! And yet, Michelle comments on the candidate’s experience stating:

“The [candidate] feedback is probably some of the best I’ve seen in my career!”

How did Michelle and her team manage this many people AND improve their candidate experience? Simple, through a few key features on LiveHire:

LiveHire profiles for Candidates: Candidates creating and owning their profiles allowed General Pants to see people beyond their paper resumes. They were able to interact directly on the platform to create a personal connection with their applicants.

Proactive Sourcing: General Pants didn’t post a single job ad for their Christmas hiring campaign. Instead they utilised the free resources they had right at their fingertips – social media and in-store promoting. This fun campaign showed the true culture of working at General Pants and the candidates loved it!

SMS Campaigns: LiveHire’s invitation email, on behalf of General Pants, accompanied with an invitation SMS wowed the younger generation who were impressed at the ability to make a professional connection so easily through texting.

Integrations: LiveHire integrated with video interviewing platform Sonru to help manage General Pants’ hiring process. General Pants’ hiring team were able to easily screen and progress applicants through the hiring pipeline through an initial video interview – thereby assessing people on “will” not just “skill.”

Improving the candidate experience, integrated communication, proactive sourcing, and a cloud-based solution – these are just some of the many reasons General Pants chose LiveHire to build a Talent Community; where people could connect with the hiring team and develop long term relationships. Michelle and her team hired a diverse group of young and motivated people for their Christmas season. The next time you’re in General Pants take a look around at the employees – their career started with a simple text that led them towards the career they love.

You can read and share the Getting Started with Live Talent Communities Guide here.

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