Case Study w/ Henry Hollingworth @LiveHire

Henry Hollingworth, LiveHire Developer, experienced first hand how LiveHire works proactively to benefit the candidate and company by continuing to maintain the connection and relationship, regardless of if they are currently hired, hiring or looking.

In 2015, Henry Hollingworth was hired by LiveHire as a Graduate Developer.

Staying at LiveHire for a little over six months and ambitious as ever, Henry left to help establish a new startup, Jurimetrics, a data analytics platform that allows law firms, financial institutions and corporations to make better business decisions. Henry worked solely on Jurimetrics for over a year and a half.

It wasn’t until a catch up with a fellow LiveHire developer Jamie Collins, that the idea of working part-time at LiveHire came up, and Henry expressed an interest.

Deciding to move forward with Jamie’s suggestion, Henry explains how simple it was to apply for the position with his LiveHire profile:

Having a LiveHire profile allowed me to easily apply to a job opening without needing to locate an old resume template, re-check my employment dates, and extensively update the document. This made it so simple to re-connect to a previous employer instantly on the LiveHire platform.”

Already connected to LiveHire, Henry was able to spend more time focusing on his cover message as “a way of expressing the value I offered and to make it personalised for LiveHire”

By previously connecting with LiveHire, Henry knew that because he had been “previously rated and interviewed, he could more easily surface among the other applicants.”

Because LiveHire was aware of Henry’s technical skills from his first six months with LiveHire, Henry’s interview was more a discussion focusing on what new skills Henry had gained, and the type of role he was looking for, rather than having to revisit already explored ground.

If you want to learn more about how LiveHire can improve your candidate experience, as well as candidate company relationships, you can read more here

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