Do you think technology is improving your job?

Workplace related technology discussions, with a large emphasis on the importance and role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), have been hot topics in recent months, and we can guarantee are showing no signs of slowing down.

With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, we marvel in their creation and quickly adapt to their capabilities.

And it’s more or less every day that we hear of a new advancement and we’re so quick to accept it, while also waiting for the next thing. It was only a few years back that Virtual Reality was being talked about as some futuristic phenomenon. But now it’s here, and we simply accept it as the norm.

When it comes to technology we tend to generally experience the same cycle: we accept, adapt, and use, but we very rarely take the time to pause and examine the effects these changes have on our everyday lives.

For many, we assume that an advancement in technology means an increase in productivity, innovation and often efficiency in your role, and you’re natural to think that because that’s what we’re told to think!

But is all of this technology really improving our every day lives, and the jobs that we do?

Do self-checkout registers at the supermarket really make supermarkets more efficient and decrease cost? Or does it mean that instead of hiring more check-out attendants, do they just hire more people to fix the errors caused by the machine?

Is this really improving jobs, or just altering them?

And how do these advancements make the Australian workers feel? Do they see the difference?

So, in true LiveHire fashion, we decided to ask the Australian workers:

“Do you think technology is improving your job?”

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76% of people surveyed believed that yes, technology was improving their job.

A significant 24% however, believed it wasn’t.

Why do you think this is? Do these results surprise you?

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