Don’t let your Recruitment process go stale!

What you’ve heard about recruitment is true! ¬†Your HR management software is only as good as the data in it.

Traditional methods of recruitment are letting us down.

Having your HR manually enter people’s data into your system means valuable time is wasted. They could be focused on…. well… anything else.

Recruitment for one!

Recruitment databases unblock valuable insights.

It’s true that having a database of prospective candidates skills, experience, salary expectations, work preferences, and their willingness to relocate your past, current, and future workforce can unlock valuable insights to drive your HR, people, and culture strategies.

But, if you have no way of automatically keeping your data base up to date, what’s the point?

Not only is a time waster, but a stale database helps absolutely no one in the hiring process!

Manual recruitment systems have an expiry date, of only two or three years.

LiveHire Talent Communities can bring your talent data to life.

A LiveHire Talent Community is an easy way to bring your talent data to life, outperforming traditional HR recruitment software by creating pools of talent profiles that are qualified, interested, and available for future opportunities with your company.

Traditional recruitment software collects minimal data on a candidate during application, the resume used for the application isn’t digital, cannot be updated or searched in future, and loses its usefulness almost immediately.

With a LiveHire Talent Community, candidates create a digital LiveHire profile when they join or use their existing LiveHire profile to join your Talent Community with one click.

Candidates have complete control of their own LiveHire profiles, updating them whenever new skills are gained or their workforce preferences change. This means, long after the hire has been made, you have an employee’s digital record in the cloud, that maintains freshness of information without your HR team having to keep up to date.

Your Talent Community can instead be used as powerful recruitment software, managing your internal workforce across teams, divisions, and locations.

Bring a human factor to your recruitment process.

With LiveHire, our technology allows recruiters, or anyone from the company, to constantly communicate¬†with prospective employees. It’s a platform that encourages and facilitates human connection. The human factor that technology will never be able to replace.

You can communicate with candidates directly through the LiveHire platform!

Experience the LiveHire Talent Community platform for free today, and discover why it is the future of Recruitment software.

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