This driller’s amazing resume has been viewed over 2,500 times.

Has he applied to that many jobs? Definitely not!

Can you imagine how long it would take?

If you want a half decent chance of success, the average job application takes roughly an hour to search jobs, research the company, upload documents, fill in their questions and submit.

If you did 3 applications a day, 5 days a week it would take you 166 weeks, or just over 3 years to accomplish it.

And that’s assuming every application was read by the potential employer. Chances are you’re in a pile of hundreds and your getting viewed maybe 1 time out of 5 at best. So more like 15 years.

So how does he do it?

It’s easy. Open google in a browser here, and type in: drilling cv australia, then click the first organic result (not the adverts).

Every time a company searches the web for drilling cv’s, they come up.

How long has it taken them to rack up 2,500 cv views? about 2 months.

Are they getting job offers? You bet they are! It’s a numbers game and they are winning.

What’s best though, they are not disclosing their contact details to the world, so they can hand pick the best jobs whilst remaining private.

You might be thinking, are many companies searching online for candidates rather than posting jobs? Consider this statistic from the book The Hidden Job Market by Shireen Dupreez;

“More than 80% of jobs available don’t make it to job boards”

So whilst your battling it out to be seen in a pile of 100 resumes, fighting for 20% of the jobs, these other clever people are enjoying the attention and job offers from the remaining 80%. I know which pool I’d rather be in!

So how does his resume top Google?

Again, easy. They created a web resume at

Find the best local resumes in the market

They then followed this blog to get their initial views ticking over, and once they got them past 50, Google assumed they were a highly relevant web page and BOOM, the rest is history.

So in addition to spending an hour searching and applying to one job. Why not invest another hour creating your web resume once on, and put yourself in front of thousands of potential hiring managers.

Tip 1 – The sooner you build your web resume, the quicker you attract views and the higher you rank on Google, this has a snowballing effect.

Tip 2 – The more of your friends you invite to create a web resume on, the higher Google ranks everyone over job boards. It’s like the wikipedia of you and your skills, the more people join, the better off you are. So spread the movement and  flip the employment market forever.

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