Introducing Improved Offer Details, The Applications Tab, & more.

You may have noticed we have recently been making some subtle improvements to LiveHire’s Job Vacancy management, but if you are yet to discover them let us fill you in!

View Job Applications with next/ previous arrows :

With the new next/previous arrows, you now have the ability to seamlessly move from one job application to the next without having to close the first application. Easy!

Offer details are now captured:

When moving a candidate to Offer Pending, Offer Sent or Hired Status, you will now be prompted to enter Offer Details which will be captured against the application.

Add Notes and Talent Pool while changing candidate status:

You can now add notes and also assign a candidate to a Talent Pool when performing a candidate status change within a Job Vacancy.

New Applications Tab in Candidate Profile:

We have added a new Applications tab in the candidate profile (next to the Resume and Activity tabs) where you can view all past and current job applications, as well as the application status of any offer details.

Need more information on our latest updates? Visit LiveHire’s Help Center or contact your Customer Success Manager at any time. #GetLiveHired

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