Introducing Videos for LiveHire Job Vacancies

At LiveHire, we’re continually striving to create a platform that provides the best possible candidate experience and attracts the best quality talent.

We want to create an experience that is as human as possible.

So that we can do this, we have introduced support videos for LiveHire Job Vacancies!

Now, you’ll have the option of adding a video to your LiveHire Job Vacancies.  This will increase your ability to connect with the candidate on a more human level while giving better insight into your organisation’s culture and structure.

LiveHire’s Customer Success Manager Malachi Douthit explains further:

“Video support in LiveHire gets me really excited for the opportunities our customers will have to get creative with their attraction and engagement strategies.

With the recent update that supports embedding video content into your job posts, our customers now have:

1. The ability to show prospective talent their culture rather than use text in the body with (let’s face it) often poorly written descriptions

2. Have new ways to showcase their work culture

3. Have more opportunities to get creative in the way they attract and engage talent.

Dust off that careers URL! LiveHire now supports embedded video!”

To learn more about LiveHire’s always evolving features, check out the features on our updated Dashboard or our Message Template Function

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