Kristin Lyon’s Women in Tech Profile.

At home in the Macedon Ranges is where Australia Posts’ Chief Information Security Officer, Kristin Lyon and her husband feel most at home; “I have two dogs, one cat, and four horses, so I spend most of my time outside of work riding horses and spending time on the farm.”

Having grown up on a dairy farm in Northern Victoria, it’s no surprise that Kristin has adored riding horses her entire life. Even three years ago when Kristin was living in inner city Melbourne, she made the time to ride several times a week. Now President of her riding club Kristin explains; “I do dressage, compete, and love trail rides. I can even convince my husband to come on one of them!” 

Knowing that life is all about balance, Kristin explains that although she values her time at work, she makes sure to value her time outside of work as well. This is a philosophy that Kristin upholds throughout her entire team. “For me and my team, it’s important that we have balance, and that’s a big driver for me and how we live our life. We should be spending time on things that we enjoy doing and with people that we enjoy spending time with.” 

Understanding the importance of a diverse workforce for breeding innovation and creativity, Kristin believes flexible workplaces are essential for creating diversity; “If we want a diverse workforce, we have to let people work the way they want to work”.

Kristin also understands that without diversity, things can never change; “We need a background of diversity and different thinking otherwise things will never change, and we’ll end up doing the same thing over and over again.”

For Kristin, security wasn’t always the plan. “I accidentally got into security; it wasn’t necessarily a goal of mine. In the past, I’d often be asked what my career plan was and I didn’t have an answer. Sometimes I’d walk out of meetings and think ‘I need to work this out and say I want to be President or something'”. 

Reflecting on her own career, Kristin believes if she had any advice to give to her younger self, it would be to “be a bit more confident in myself… but what I have done is say yes to all opportunities that have been given to me.”

Kristin believes tech related misconceptions are incredibly common; “People think tech is just one area. That it’s more than just application, coding and security, but we’ve got a long way to go in educating people that there’s a massive breadth in roles. How do we let people know it’s huge? We want everyone- legal people, marketing people…!”

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