Live the Career you Love

If you’re like most of us, thinking about a career was daunting, but on reflection getting your first job seemed to happen so fluidly.

It was the restaurant down the road, the newsagent on the corner, or perhaps the newspaper round that your friend was doing and got you an intro to the boss.

Your first job was likely found within a Community.

More than likely you were a customer of that business first, you knew some of the people, maybe not socially, but you knew of them and had interacted with them in some way that gave you an idea of what it would be like to work there.

And then one day a role popped up, and you were in. You already felt like you belonged so the decision was easy, for you and the business.

Chances are your first few jobs played out just the same.

As we grew up, and our horizons expanded, we lost that sense of Community and that sense of trust that allowed us to know our next career move with clarity. The digitisation of the employment market and the globalisation of the workforce had us applying for jobs with companies we knew little about, being herded through application processes like paperclips in a long and drawn out procurement process.

We lost the human connection that effortlessly had us knowing and trusting the business before we were ready to work there.

Today, many companies also miss that sense of Community and the human interaction of hiring. They don’t enjoy the reactive style of recruitment that has hiring teams processing endless volumes of applications, increasing the time it takes to hire or worse, increasing turnover rates due to making the wrong hire in the first place.

Companies would love to be hiring that interesting person they connected with months ago, but the timing wasn’t right, and the connection was lost, drowned out in the ever-increasing flood of new applicants to newly opened positions.

Live the Career you Love

Being able to truly live  the career you love, is what defines LiveHire. In a world where many technologies are automating processes, pushing human interaction further and further apart, LiveHire is about bringing the right people closer together.

Humanising recruitment.

LiveHire is a private world where you can join the Communities of employers you’re interested in, and in many cases, companies you may never have thought were right for you. Where you can get to know not just the recruiters or the hiring managers, but the teams you could be working with inside those companies, the true brand of that company, driven by its employees from the inside out.

A Talent Community where you’re not forgotten, and when the perfect opportunities pop up, you are front of mind for those positions.

LiveHire Talent Community

Meet the Talent Community key

The Community has always been a fundamental driver of employment, and LiveHire simply makes that possible on a global scale, for all companies and people.

In one sense the symbol represents the human element of recruitment, so important, yet so often lost in the mountains of wasteful administrative work that surrounds the current reactive recruitment process.

We all know the phrase; “It’s not what you know but who you know”, LiveHire amplifies this by making the right human connections many times over for everyone.

In another sense, the symbol represents a key, the key to opening the doors to opportunities you never believed were possible or existed.

The key to living the career you love. Tweet This

The key to the ever growing number of Talent Communities can be found here, and will continue to grow as more and more companies embrace the proactive approach to hiring. Where reactive recruitment is gone, opportunities are fluid, and the human element of recruitment is recognised as the single most important thing for advancing companies and careers alike.

When you see this symbol, you can rest assured your time and effort in telling your story, what drives you, and what you offer a company will not be forgotten, like you’ve been a valued customer and part of the community all along.

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