LiveHire Best Practice Networking Event w/ Alfred Health, Victoria Chamber of Commerce & Industry, & Barwon Health.

What better way to share your LiveHire successes and best practice tips and tricks than over breakfast and coffee on a Tuesday morning? 

The inaugural ‘LiveHire Best Practice Networking Event’ was held at our Melbourne office with guests from Alfred Health, The Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Barwon Health. Hosted by Melbourne Customer Success Manager, Lucinda Sgro, and assisted by our Talent Community Consultant and ‘Super User’, Ashley Wilson, the event was a sharing of experience and ideas between our LiveHire customers.

Everyone was enthusiastically contributing as the discussion started focusing around proactive recruitment, Talent Community engagement and habits of successful recruiters. Some great experience and thoughts were shared, which resulted in a close off of the session with commitments from each recruiter to implement at least one best practice learning in their weekly routines moving forward.

Emily from the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who recently launched their very own Talent Community, summed up the impact on their recruitment process by simply saying LiveHire was “rocking our world”.

Thanks Emily! 🤘


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