LiveHire Careers Series ft. Dan Harper, Ruby Lee & Nick Byrne. #ReachHire

In Part Three of the LiveHire Careers Series, the LiveHire team was presented with three very different career stories to share learnings and advice.

The first to kick off our Careers Series was Co-Founder of TypeHuman, Nick Byrne, who started his first business in primary school.

Reflecting on his career learnings and key messages, Nick focused on three main components:

  1. Relationships are the most important thing through all of your careers
  2. It’s about having a passion for what you’re doing, not settling for what you’re doing
  3. You’ve got to cultivate a service mindset

To understand more about what types of things motivate Nick, check out this 2005 speech Steve Jobs gave to Stanford here.

Next up was Dan Harper, LiveHire’s brand new Head of Integrations. Having also started a career in primary school, Dan’s first business was tech-based; making kids pay him to play on his Gameboy.

Since then, Dan’s career has seen him really focus in on building strong, meaningful relationships. He has a passion for leadership, hosting a meetup titled “Leadership of Awesome”. You can check it out here.

We wrapped up the careers series with Founder and Side Hustle Coach at the Careers Emporium, Ruby Lee. Having started out with a Masters in Accounting, and progressing into a career in Recruitment as she discovered her love for people and leading teams.

Ruby’s current journey, however, began when she was on maternity leave. With the concept evolving with the creation of a blog that gave advice to candidates on how they could best approach the recruitment process, Ruby now coaches ‘side hustles’ on how to transition their idea into a business.

You can check out one of Ruby’s inspiring articles here.

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