LiveHire @ The Contingent Workforce Conference 2017 #CWF2017

Created in reaction to the diverse nature of the Australian workforce by the ATC , The Contingent Workforce Conference aims to ‘catch-organisations-up’ with the latest developments related to sourcing available talent.

During the conference, Dr David Schmidtchen from Ernest & Young explained the reason for the conference; “The contingent workforce has a structure, composition and flow of its own…we need to spend some time thinking through what that means in practice”.

So that we can better understand the complex nature of the contingent workforce, Deb Jackson from Transurban explains that we need better visibility over the candidate, stating; “Visibility of individual to understand capability and availability is key so that we can re-use and re-engage with them”.

LiveHire’s own Paul Bridgewater, Head of Recruitment Solutions, sat on the panel for ‘Technology Disruption within the Contingent Workforce and Total Talent arena’, bringing his views and experience to the discussion.

Paul Bridgewater explains further:

“I personally hold a very firm view that all Australians should have the access to conduct meaningful work and the employment mechanism should not matter.  50% of the US workforce are expected to be engaged in contract / contingent – what I prefer to categorise as non-permanent – work by 2020.

Australia is not far behind as our Millennials choose to stay in a role for only 2 years before moving on, and choosing to put the actual work they do ahead of the company name on their payslip.

This Contingent Workforce Conference will prove to be a defining moment for many organisations as they realise that a siloed view of talent is no longer adequate.

Employers need to be looking holistically from a corporate point of view and no longer just put permanent recruitment into a box for HR to deal with and the contingent workforce into a procurement process.”

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