LiveHire @ Developer Developer Developer! Perth Event 👏 #DDDPerth

As an organisation that’s vision is to empower talent and support diversity, it was no wonder that LiveHire were proud gold sponsors for the 2017 Developer! Developer! Developer! (DDD) event held in Perth!

How is DDD different to a usual tech event?

Created as an approachable, non-profit event that anyone can attend or speak at, DDD Perth is an inclusive event for the Perth software community, promoting diversity in the tech sphere. It’s affordable and on a Saturday so that everyone and anyone can attend! 

Who presents is up to the public! Anyone can submit their presentation and the public votes on what they’d most like to hear. There is no reference to the applicant’s gender, name, or age, to encourage diversity in those who get the opportunity to speak.

So, let’s talk about the 2017 #DDDPerth event!

This year was double the size of last years event, with 360 attendees registered!

Last year, zero women submitted speeches. 👎

But this year…

5 presentations/ talks were delivered by women!  

So, 21% of talks were conducted by a female, and 19% of presenters were female.

There were also 104 received presentation submissions from women.  🙌🙌🙌

Hooray to promoting diversity in the tech sphere!

The LiveHire table was in full swing and fully stocked with #LiveHireSwag.

Whether it was to give out free doughnuts or to chat about innovative tech, our LiveHire team was keen to chat with anyone who stopped by. There was also the opportunity to enter win a UE BOOM 2! (Don’t miss your chance- You still have time to join our LiveHire Talent Community!The speakers and presentations all had a strong focus on Inclusion, echoing the purpose of the event. 

Some highlights of the day included:

  1. Jasmine Quek’s talk on How feedback helped me get over myself.
  2. Sam Ritchie’s presentation on Flying Solo – lifehack your way to a pants-optional workplace  (YES PLEASE!)
  3. And Donna Edward’s inspiring Attraction and retention strategies for Women in Tech- an incredibly important presentation that should be taken on by tech organisations worldwide.

LiveHire Co-Founder and Growth Director, Dr. Mike Haywood, also gave an address to the conference. Mike highlighted LiveHire’s role in nurturing creativity and diversity in candidates, and often supporting ‘will’ over ‘skill’ explaining;

“We let recruiters move to a proactive process where they have a reserve of engaged people who are ready to hire. When a recruitment team is frantically trying to fill a role, they hire for the person’s last role title and not all of their characteristics beyond that like personality and enthusiasm. Companies are getting creatively destroyed faster and faster because they can’t stay agile and relevant. It takes over two months to replace lost employees. At our core, we’re about developing every kind of worker, not just developers.” Thank you, DDD Perth for creating such a worthwhile and exciting event.

If you’re interested in learning more about LiveHire’s own Women in Tech portal and how we empower and support women wanting to pursue a role in tech, you can learn more here.

Or if you’re interested in connecting with us at LiveHire, you can join the LiveHire Talent Community here.

See you next year! 👋

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