The Candy Card

Candy Card

As the end of year approaches, it’s LiveHire tradition to send a little something to our customers. So, what better way to do so than for the Marketing Department to create a creative holiday’s card to send to our customers?

The idea:

To express the growth that LiveHire has had over the last year, we wanted to capture a statement that thanks our customers for being part of this journey with us, as well as, highlighting our growth and wins.

‘It’s Been A Big Year’ sums up this sentiment. As a company, we have doubled in staff size over the past year, grown the size of our Talent Community phenomenon and started forging relationships all over the globe.

We also wanted to find something that screamed holidays and festive season!

Gerard is a typography artist and calligrapher and was inspired by food typographer Becca Classon. He used lollies to relate to the holiday / Christmas season. The creative execution developed into a photo of a handcrafted typography piece. Lollies, in the LiveHire brand colours, were used to craft it. The addition of Christmas decorations helps to reinforce the holiday time of year.


To get the lollies, our Creative Designer Gerard first went out on a lolly-hunting expedition. He bought a selection of chocolate buttons, fruit chews and jelly beans. Sticking to the brand colours of LiveHire, each lolly provided varying shades of blues and oranges.

At first, he tried to arrange them free hand, based off hand lettering sketch that he had created. Gerard and Emily tried unsuccessfully to arrange the lollies into perfect letterforms. It turns out lettering can go wrong and turn a good piece into a bad piece. The stroke angle and x-height was hard to lock down without some guidelines.

Hand lettering sketch

We created some vector guidelines and had them plan printed at full size. This enabled us to get consistency in the layout. With the guidelines in place, it was simple to get the lollies into place.

Over the course of the shoot, the Jelly Beans started to melt because we were having a typical Australian heatwave. Once the words were laid out, the flourishes and Xmas decoration were added and the photo was complete.

Why do we do this stuff?

LiveHire is a company whose business model is based on connecting humans together. We want to inspire others in exploring creativity and evolving as a result.

We believe it’s important to create an emotional connection between users and our brand, this means a regular cadence of creative projects that are personally done by us.

If you’d like to learn more about how LiveHire is empowering the flow of the world’s talent, you can explore more here.  #WeGotLiveHired 

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