LiveHire @ #HRTechFest 2017 🌍 #Innovation #Technology

Created to celebrate the talent, technology and ideas that are transforming the future of work, HR Tech Fest displays the best in industry innovation. 💡

With the world changing, the big HR shift has begun. Emphasis is now being placed upon empowering and understanding the candidate and providing them with a positive candidate experience. Proactive recruitment is being recognised as an important player in the recruitment process, allowing companies to have flexibility and control over their process.

LiveHire was looking mighty fine at booth E9 at this years highly anticipated HR Tech Fest.

Our HR survey, created to pinpoint individuals top issues and frustrations with reactive Talent Acquisition, was fed into a live data stream which was displayed at the booth… and was a big hit! 

Showing the frustrations within the industry, our survey revealed the number one frustration is:

Attracting quality talent when you need to hire for a role.

Our incredible LiveHire team did an out-of-this-world job at our booth, chatting to whoever stopped by, even giving many of them a personalised LiveHire demo.  

THE UE BOOM WINNER: In true LiveHire style, we gave all attendees the opportunity to win a UE BOOM 2, with the lucky winner being revealed shortly!

As always, the #HRTechFest speakers gave us some incredibly memorable highlights.

Roy Hill’s Head of Recruitment, Jon Bowker, did a stand up job in his presentation on ‘Using Tech to Drive Proactive Recruitment & Diversity with a Highly Humanised Touch’, discussing Roy Hill’s strategies for creating human connections with prospective candidates.

Speaking to Inside HR, Jon Bowker stated:

“The existing HR technology of traditional ATS databases typically limits the capacity of an internal recruitment function to provide a truly proactive solution, and is therefore heavily reactive in its recruitment outcomes.”

Read more about how Roy Hill attracts and recruits the best talent in mining here.

Another speaker highlight was Katy Harris, Head of Employee Experience at The Iconic.

Not only did Katy speak about their Canine Committee (👍), but echoed our sentiment that it’s all about the people by stating:

“With the rise of technology, we have to be more human!”


“It has and always will be, all about the people.”

As always, #HRTechFest was an incredible opportunity for our LiveHire team to not only discuss our proactive product but to stay up-to-date with the innovative technology that is brewing within the industry.

Interested in learning more about LiveHire? Find out more here

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