LiveHire introduces Temp profile editing & assigning to Talent Pools & Job Vacancies.

The moment that we have been waiting for has finally arrived!

LiveHire now gives you the ability to edit and to assign Temporary Profiles to Talent Pools and Job Vacancies!

Before we explain the benefits of this new update, let’s run through what a Temp Profile actually is.

A temporary profile is a placeholder for someone who does not yet have a LiveHire profile but is a prospective candidate for your company. Creating a Temporary Profile allows you to track the interactions you’ve had with them. They can choose to claim this profile to merge the information they want you to access and the notes you’ve already collected about their amazing experience.  You may have met them at a networking event, business trip, or even in a coffee shop!

Temporary profiles allow you to move the right people through the recruitment process, even if they aren’t yet connected to LiveHire.

To learn more about how to create a Temporary Profile, visit here.

Our latest update will give you the ability to add a temporary profile and then later edit the high-level sections that you put in when you created it, such as:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • And first and last name

#PleaseNote that the email is permanent if it is added during the initial set up. This is because you send an email asking them to claim their profile, and that needs to be associated with the same email address.

You will now have the ability to assign a Temp Profile to a Job Vacancy or Talent Pool when you create one. This has been in high demand, as you generally add someone to your Talent Community with a Temp Profile because you want them for a specific role.

Now, you also have the ability to upload a CV to a temporary profile!

Customer Success Manager Claire Properjohn explains more:

“You will now have the ability to assign the Temp Profile to a Job Vacancy or Talent Pool when you create it! If you’re adding people to your Talent Community, there’s a reason. They are great! So why not assign them straight to a Job Vacancy/Talent Pool at the same time?”

Interested in learning more about LiveHire Updates. Check out our post on Rich Text Editing. 

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