LiveHire stands united in support of Marriage Equality✌🌈

Supporting Marriage Equality has nothing to do with being political. It’s acknowledging that every single person deserves the same basic human rights and access to equal opportunities.

Encouraging and helping to create diversity in the workforce is at LiveHire’s core. It is our mission to empower the individual, and to #OwnItTogether as an organisation. That’s why we stand strong in our support for Marriage Equality.

If we allow discriminatory laws that only protect the rights and liberties of some to exist, how can we possibly expect society to function in a healthy and harmonious way?

With the postal vote looming, the relationships and identities of the LGBTQI community have been targeted each and every day with ad campaigns, and discriminatory leaflets even appearing in family letterboxes.

In light of this, we believe it to be our duty to recognise the rights of our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) employees, friends, family, and those in our community. We believe that they should live and work free from prejudice and discrimination, with the same freedoms enjoyed by other members within LiveHire and within the community.

LiveHire’s Managing Director and Founder, Antonluigi Gozzi, explains further:

“In the spirit of LiveHire’s ‘Open and Honest’ value, this is a topic that goes to the deepest part of my heart: equality, fairness and inclusiveness.

Since the High Court approved the postal survey for Marriage Equality, we must stand tall in supporting our internal colleagues who are suffering because of this, as well as those in the broader community.

We believe that it’s a fundamental right for absolutely everyone to have equal rights, no matter the race, gender, colour of their skin, religious belief or sexual identity.

Finally, I am sorry for the LGBTQI community that has to endure this public denial of equal rights and vilification during, before and after the campaign, so as a minimum I hope that the people who care will go and express their vote.”

We hope that those within the broader LGBTQI community, as well as those within our own LiveHire family, know that we stand strong with them in striving towards creating equal treatment and fair opportunities for all people. 🌈

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We also encourage you to download and share our equality graphic here.

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