LOST RESUME! Offering reward for safe return.

WHEN: Six months ago

LAST SEEN: On online job board applying for a job advertisement

APPEARANCE: Muscle-y in appearance; full of interesting words, exaggerated skill set, and personal details

WEARING: A glamorous font downloaded specially from the web, a rare shade of blue as the background, and a PDF holding him

ACCOMPLICES: Was with his cover letter, but believe they may have been split up

Six months ago I uploaded my resume to a job board and I haven’t heard from him since.

He was nervous to compete with thousands of other resumes, not sure if he’d stand out.

Deep down, I had my doubts but didn’t let him know…

I want to fill him in on the skills I’ve picked up in the past six months, but have no way of doing so. It’s important that I have the opportunity to update him, for his own good.

I was told I’d hear if he was successful or not ASAP, but I haven’t. And now I’ve started to worry.

So, if you see him, please ask him not to call my references without my permission, they won’t appreciate it.

PLEASE TELL HIM TO CALL!  Then again, does he even have my new phone number?!

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