Meet LiveHire’s Sales Director, Denise Carson.

Meet LiveHire’s Sales Director, Denise Carson!

LiveHire is beyond ecstatic to welcome the fantastic Denise Carson as our Enterprise Sales Director. 

So, who is Denise Carson? 

Originally from Dublin, Denise worked in the UK for six years before landing in Perth in 1995 with her high-school sweetheart and husband Ian, after making the life changing decision to explore Australia. With a degree in Photography and Graphic Design and with sponsorship from various companies to write for travel magazines, Denise planned an expedition across the Australian outback.  

After travelling and exploring the great outdoors for many months, Denise and Ian made the decision to swap bush camping for something more permanent and settled down in Sydney. From here, Denise got back into the IT industry that she was already a part of in Europe. 

With a keen interest in both teaching and practicing yoga, Denise has a strong passion for helping people better understand their bodies, to not only improve their health and mobility but how they feel overall. 

Denise loves bush-walking in Kuringai National Park near where she lives and goes on hill walking holidays with Ian whenever they get the chance. Next on their list is Tasmania. 

Honouring her Irish heritage, Denise has played and sung in pub bands, and can still be persuaded to do so if you put a guitar in her hand at the right time (hello LiveHire Christmas party!). 

Fitting right in with the LiveHire family, Denise is a cat person, with two of her own. 

A self-professed workaholic 

Denise works to what she calls an ‘Operating Rhythm’. She prefers face-to-face wherever possible and tries to keep Mondays for individual meetings with her direct team to see what help they need and how business is progressing. From there, Tuesday-Friday are for everything from customer meetings to strategic planning. Denise has been known to get “on the tools” at the weekend and likes spending time on her balcony at home doing the creative work she doesn’t always get to during the hectic working week.  

 “Let’s just make it happen” 

Denise works with a real sense of urgency, constantly asking: why would you put something off until tomorrow when you can get it done today? She believes it’s better to make a decision than to procrastinate, but always be ready to pivot and lean in. 

A lover of strategic and disruptive thinking 

For Denise, it’s not about simply emulating an iconic company that you admire, it’s about asking yourself how you can leapfrog that company’s approach to get a jump beyond them. Throughout her career, she’s backed what she believed to be game changing technology, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning back in 1997, the iPad in 2010 and Operational Intelligence in 2013. Pro-active recruiting and Live Talent Ecosystems are Denise’s latest Big Bet! 

A fun fact from Denise 

Because she loves practicing yoga, Denise can stand on her head! 

How do you impress Denise? 

Denise loves when people are able to really turn something on its head to get an outstanding result… which is ironic because Denise can stand on her head. 

If you want to say “hello” to Denise or to keep up with what she’s up to, you can visit her LinkedIn profile here.   

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