#MelbRecMeetUp @ LiveHire w/ Greg Savage & Marc Havercroft

PSA: I’d like to acknowledge that this post may be breaking the rules set by Founder and Managing Director Gigi Gozzi at the #MelbRecMeetup:

“What’s said in a recruitment meetup, stays in the recruitment meetup”.

Sorry! But the conversation was too interesting to keep to ourselves… we had to share.

Last night, LiveHire hosted the #MelbRecMeetup. Boasting a crowd of over 100, and with superstar guest speakers Greg Savage and Marc Havercroft, we knew it was going to be a night to remember… before it even kicked off.

Donations were raised for Fighting Chance with LiveHire’s ‘gold coin donation box’, with LiveHire doubling the profits. Thanks to everyone who donated, a massive feat considering no one seems to carry change anymore.

So before we begin, what even is the #MelbRecMeetup?

It’s a meeting of people in the recruitment industry, created in response to the ever evolving nature of the recruitment industry.

Matt Woodard, Senior Recruiter for Zendesk and co-founder of the Melbourne Recruitment Meetup, explains in more detail:

“The recruitment industry has moved on from the days of recruiters being very insular and refusing to share IP for fear of losing some kind of competitive advantage. With the advancement of technology and thinking, the desire to be more collaborative is a lot more apparent. We’ve set this group up in order to create and leverage a stronger, more collaborative talent community across Melbourne.” 

The Rockstar of Recruitment, Greg Savage, kicked off the night in style.  Sharing his views on the future of the industry, with a focus on what recruiters can do to keep themselves current, the crowd of 100+ were all at the edge of their seats. To be honest, I’m pretty sure someone actually fell off their chair at some point.





With his Savage Truth attitude, Greg Savage wasn’t interested in holding back.  He stressed the importance of the candidate and the unequivocal advantage of building a strong relationship between recruiter and candidate.

Examining the human element as the vital key in communication, he discussed its position as irreplaceable, as it can never be replicated by technology (well, not that we know of).

The benefit of marketing your personal brand was also a big point of discussion and the role that social media can play in this equation. It’s pretty hard to ignore social media advice from the king of social media in the recruitment arena! I can confidently say that everyone took note!





The second speaker of the night, Marc Havercroft, Vice President of SAP, kept the excited, high-energy vibe going. Beer in hand, Marc highlighted the importance of amplifying your message and noted the connection between a strong social presence, and successful recruitment.





Marc Havercroft echoed the notions surrounding evolving technology. That technology will continue to evolve within the recruitment sector, but the human factor will never disappear. And that, in time, it might ultimately be the only continuously remaining factor. Some pretty interesting food for thought, isn’t it?









As a result, he explained the importance of open and honest communication between recruiter and candidate. Marc made a point of not letting us forget the main focus on recruitment; the candidate.

LiveHire was feeling generous last night. So, we offered an iWatch to the ‘tweet of the night’ #MelbRecMeetup. The winner was Jasmin Ayles with this gem of a tweet:









Congratulations to Jasmin!

All in all, we’d like to thank everyone for joining us for what was an incredibly memorable and insightful night, and in particular the #MelbRecMeetup team!

We hope you guys had as much fun as we did. Can’t wait for the next one.

PS. If you have any other great pics from the night, be sure to tag @livehireme or #MelbRecMeetup so that we can add to our blog.

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