Candidates are basically screening themselves with our new features.

Productive hiring is all about finding the best candidates and filtering out those who are unsuitable for the role. The key to this productivity is screening. We know, you might argue that screening is one of the most tedious processes. Well, we’re here to show you how easy it can be with our new feature releases.

Engage your candidates early and engage them well with video interviewing.

LiveHire is now integrated with Sonru, the video interviewing platform that’s revolutionising recruitment. Video interviewing provides immediate screening capabilities and engagement for the candidates. CompaniesĀ with Sonru integrations can now add a required video interview on job vacancies to screen applicants when they apply – it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Sonru Screening Video Interview

Start the candidate experience off right with instant engagement through video interviewing. If the video interview shows the candidate isn’t right for that job then you can easily continue to engage them to ensure a positive brand experience through our candidate notification functionality.

Looking to integrate video interviewing with your Talent Community? Contact us for more information.

Make applying for jobs easier by answering all your candidates questions before they ask.

When does the job start? What are the benefits? How do I apply? The questions are endless for candidates applying for a job, but it’s challenging to answer everything in the job description alone. Now LiveHire allows you to add attachments to your job vacancies for all those additional details that applicants want to know. The more details you add to a role, the more a candidate can understand if the role is the one for them.

How does it work?

Simply navigate to the Attachments tab during your job vacancy creation. From here you can add internal documents for hiring manager’s approval or public attachments to answer all those applicants’ questions. At this point, it’s almost as if the candidates are screening themselves against your job requirements! Awesome!

Attachments Screening Job Vacancy

Filter through talent to find the candidates with rights to work in your country.

How many times have you interviewed or screened the perfect candidate only to find out they don’t have the rights to work in your country? It’s never fun for the candidate or recruiter to find this out after the fact. Now LiveHire allows you to find the people with the rights to work in your country by simply filtering your Talent Community by the ‘Rights to Work’ search option.

Right to Work Screening

Proactive recruitment and hiring is easy when you have your own Talent Community. Do you make over 150 hires a year? Book a demo to find out if LiveHire is the solution for you.

You can read and share the Getting Started with Live Talent Communities Guide here.

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