“No news is good news”? Not when it comes to candidate experience.

How many times have you applied for a job and never heard back? Or worse, how many times have you applied for a job, had an interview and then heard nothing back? You can see why there is so much buzz in the industry about candidate experience.

Two Key Elements in the Job Application Canadidate Experience Process

In 2013, Forbes reported that an average of 118 people apply for a single job. If only one person gets the job, and you don’t communicate with the remaining 117 applicants, what do you think happens? We’ll tell you: bad reviews, fewer applications for future vacancies, and an overall negative brand impression for the public. In fact, Kirsten Davidson, Head of Employer Brand for Glassdoor Inc. said, “Most negative reviews come from people who just never heard back.”

So what happens when one of these old applicants is actually the perfect future candidate?

They’ll say something along these lines: “I never heard back after my interview – so why would I want to work for you now?”

Good question! The answer is: they won’t!

So how do we transform these negative candidate experiences into positive ones?

Engage applicants today to make star hires tomorrow!

It’s so easy to create a positive candidate experience; we can’t understand why people aren’t already doing this! The solution is simple, tell them they didn’t get the job, but invite them to keep engaging with your company for future opportunities. It’s not the best news to hear, but at least your candidates know where they stand and you’ve turned your negative rejections into positive possible opportunities.

Making these positive changes to the candidate experience is easy with LiveHire. When you close a job vacancy, you’ll be prompted to message your unsuccessful applicants. Our user-friendly form makes it easy to select who you want to message and when.

Messaging Candidates in Job Vacancies

You might have a few questions about this, but we’ve got you covered!

What if I already messaged them?

LiveHire will only prompt you to send messages to those who have not yet been notified. How awkward would it be if you said no twice?! Cringe!

And if I want to send different messages to specific people?

You can simply send those specific messages to your candidates first and close the job after. These people will be removed from the list of people to be notified.

My boss says I can’t send out the unsuccessful applicant messages until the end of the day.

That’s why we created the option to delay the times your message sends. Pick from sending it immediately, after business hours, or 24 hours later!

Closing Job Vacancies Sending Times

Now you have no excuse! Make sure to engage all your applicants. Who knows, your candidate experience could even win an award! So ditch the “previous applicants need not apply” mentality and recognise that people gain skills over time. They may not be right today, but who knows what skills they’ll hold in the future?

If you’d like to learn more download our brochure or contact our Talent Community Specialists today.



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