Rebecca Freer’s Women in Tech Profile.

 Not afraid to ruffle some feathers, Bex is a firm believer in personal rights, stating, “my human rights are my human rights, and I’ll do anything to protect them”.After spending eight years living in China, and 10 years working in a corporate management consultant career, Bex’s passion for health, clean food, local community, and connection, led her to create a non-for-profit to lobby directly to the government concerning the direct sale of products from local food producers to the people.  “I am considered the little crazy person here with all my wacky rules on food, well they think it’s wacky, but I’m all about living your values; living my life in alignment with them.”

And just for the record, no one at LiveHire thinks Bex is crazy, they think quite the opposite really. Deciding to go back to work in a more traditional sense, Bex tracked down LiveHire Founder Mike Haywood, and the rest is history. Now an integral part of the LiveHire family, Bex is a huge influence on everyone at LiveHire, but the women in particular.Before LiveHire, Bex hadn’t worked in technology, describing herself as more of a “slow adopter, a little bit old school”. But “liked what I perceived to be the culture in technology, where it’s fast paced, crazy, where you don’t know what’s happening!”Frustrated with unconscious gender bias demonstrated across all industries, Bex worries about women who aren’t as loud or as assertive as her, “I think, oh my god, if I have trouble, I can’t imagine how women who are not like this even…”

She wants women to understand that the tech world is an environment that gives women the “opportunity to shine” as it’s “keen for diversity”, and not just for tech heads. It holds potential for women to “make some real changes”, as they are hungry for skill, innovation, and passion. And what’s her advice for women wanting to start a career in tech? Bex reckons it’s all about diving in head first.

“Throw yourself into something and then figure it out as you go. this is what I ultimately did. It’s about backing yourself, have that belief!”.If you’re interested in a pursuing or kick starting your career in tech, join our Women in Tech movement today.

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