Seven Ways a Talent Community Platform can transform your Recruitment Process in 2018 ✓

Do you want 2018 to be your best year yet? See the way a Talent Community Platform can transform you and your organisation’s Recruitment Process in 2018. #GetLiveHired #7Ways

1. Have the ability to stay in contact with candidate’s that have actively applied for a job with you

Advertising is a great way to source active candidates, but the issue usually arises when you have no way of communicating with them after the position has closed. By having them join your Talent Community, you will never lose contact with past applicants that you have invested your time in to find. Candidates will also feel rewarded as they have invested quality time in applying to your organisation.

Past applicants have been proven by Google’s VP of people to be your highest quality source of future hires years later!

2. Your time to hire will be reduced

In the last six years, the average time to hire new staff has more than doubled from 28 days to 68 days. This increase is putting a real strain on an organisations’ resources, productivity, and quality of hire.

Talent Community Platforms works to eliminate this strain. Since implementing LiveHire’s Talent Community Platform, Ertech has seen a 60% reduction in average time to hire 220 roles (35 days to 15 days).

3.  Your candidates will experience an out-of-this-world candidate experience 

Do your candidates know where their application stands in the application process? Are they in control? What do you think this is doing for your brand?

A Talent Community Platform means your candidates have complete control over their profiles, and their job application process, allowing for them to feel empowered. This will not only benefit your company brand but will make candidates want to work for you!

“LiveHire allows us to showcase our employer brand with personalised communication to candidates, which don’t feel like those staged auto responses. It sets the tone for our candidates, and the response has been amazing. ”

-Alana Bennett, Head of Talent @ oOh!media.

4.  A Talent Community Platform will reduce your cost to hire

How much is reactive recruitment costing your business?

Proactive recruitment reduces the cost of hire by giving you direct access to a Talent Community and Talent Pool of willing and interested candidates instantly, instead of having to wait for applicants to respond to a job board.

General Pants have made $216,000 savings in their hiring with LiveHire.

5. It will improve the quality of your hires

A Talent Community Platform not only ensures you have instant access to all candidates who have applied or expressed interest in your company, it means that HR efforts can be better focused on the quality of hires.

Instead of worrying about logging communication or data, HR can focus on the cultural fit of the candidate and better understand their skill sets and areas for development.

6. It allows you to have a pipeline of candidates

It is only when a position becomes vacant or needed that reactive recruitment commences. In contrast, proactive recruitment is where you have a pipeline of candidates ready for a position before the position is even required.

The key is engaging with candidates before you actually need them!

“I’ve worked with numerous HR Tech so-called solutions throughout my career and never have they been as seamless as this experience. In four weeks, we’ve just proved that if you engage with people in the right way, talent is there.”

– Michelle Farrar Eagles: GM HR General Pants Co.

7. You’re able to keep your data live and fresh

A standard database will allow you to store past applicants data. The problem is that the data quickly becomes irrelevant, as the candidate has no way of updating their application.

A Talent Community Platform allows candidates constant access to their profile so that they can update their skills, availability and other information that may alter over time. This means that the data that you have access to is fresh and up to date, allowing you to proactively recruit from it.

If you’re interested in learning more about LiveHire’s Talent Community Platform and how it can transform your organisation, why not register for free today or visit our ‘Warning sign you may need a Talent Community Platform’ checklist today🙌

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