Sheree Andersen’s Women in Tech Profile

LiveHire’s most fashionable team member, Sheree Andersen, is a ray of light to anyone who knows her. Which is ironic, considering her absolute love of volcanos; “Just the power and force of them is amazing. I love that we can’t control everything, that we’re at the mercy of it.”

As a member of many volcano groups around the world, Sheree credits technology for being able to communicate with her natural phenomenon circle, “You can read earthquakes around the world, it’s instant and real time! We’re able to monitor everything, it’s insane.”

Originally from Tasmania, Sheree grew up on a farm with lots of brothers and sisters, “I think when you grow up in the country, you see things a little differently. I always had big aspirations as a kid, so I wanted to be successful and make my family proud.”Heading to university in Hobart, Sheree obtained a Bachelor of Business Degree and quickly snagged a Business Analyst role. From here, Sheree began to work on Data Migration projects; her introduction into the tech world.

Sheree explains, “I loved being in that position between the business, the technology and the development team, and almost being the interpreter between the two.” From there, Sheree spent multiple years in Europe, working on a big Oracle project in London. With a minor (and not so successful) stint in recruitment, Sheree decided to merge her tech and HR  experience, leading her to LiveHire.

As a mum of two young daughters, Sheree believes the key message that we should be instilling in young women is to believe in themselves.“My 10-year-old is a fairly unique individual, and she truly believes there’s nothing she can’t do. A mum happened to be in a classroom one day and one of the boys told my daughter that she couldn’t do what she was doing, and she said ‘no I can, my mum said there’s nothing I can’t do.'”

On top of all of this, Sheree is project managing a five-star resort in Tasmania, “I think it’s important to have lots of different things in your life, and not be completely boxed into one area.” When it comes to misconceptions in the tech world, Sheree describes what she believes to be the most common, “There’s a glamorous side to tech that maybe isn’t seen. There are so many opportunities, it’s the way of the future. I think women need to embrace it, and not be scared by it… be excited by it instead!” 

Social responsibility and giving back to the community is of huge importance to Sheree, she explains; “I think there’s an opportunity in everything you do to be socially responsible, you’ve just got to create opportunities to be. I think it’s important for everyone to feel they are doing something for the greater good of the community, not just for their company or for themselves. If we’re not committed to people who are less fortunate or people who are struggling, well, that’s not a very nice world to be in.”

If you’re interested in joining our Women in Tech movement, or you just want to learn more about it, read more here✌️

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