Should businesses focus on creating more flexible part-time and casual opportunities to attract talent?

Recent media coverage on the shift away from flexible part-time and casual opportunities towards full-time employment has people in constant debate. From the recent Fair Work ruling for casual workers to earn the right to request permanent employment after 12 months to Australian Employment Minister Michaelia Cash calculating that 27,000 full-time jobs have been created each month since the first half of 2017.

The media has speculated endlessly on what the shift away from part-time and flexible employment will mean for attracting talent. Will these companies see a decrease in the diversity of attracted talent? What will this shift mean for the financial position of the company?

Instead of pondering the consequences for business, we wanted to know the view and position of the Australian workers on this discussion.

In recent years, many companies have made a conscious effort to cater to more flexible working hours and environments to attract more diverse talent. So what will a shift in focus to full-time work do for attracting talent? How will this impact workers and should they instead focus on creating roles with more flexible working hours? And more importantly, what do they want?

In response, we asked Australian workers:

“Should businesses focus on creating more flexible part-time and casual opportunities to attract talent?”

76% of workers think businesses should create more flexible part-time & casual opportunities to attract talent

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If businesses really do what to attract the most quality talent, should they listen more to the workers? If only 24% are against businesses focusing on creating more flexible part-time and casual opportunities, will focusing on full-time opportunities attract the right talent?

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