Should organisations provide mental health days on top of sick days?

With World Mental Health day having come and gone on October 10th, much discussion was generated in relation to what employers can do to assist the positive mental health of their employees, and in particular, organisations allowing their employees to take mental health days.

Demonstrating the enormous extent of the issues, Australia’s Beyond Blue, an independent non-profit organisation that works to address issues related to mental illness, states that at least three million Australian’s are currently living with some form of anxiety or depression.

In addition, a recent study conducted by Beyond Blue has found that 91% of those surveyed believed mental health in the workplace was important, but only 56% of those surveyed believe their senior leaders value mental health.

With mental health being such a big issue in Australia, do Australian workers believe that Australian employers should be putting emphasis on encouraging their employers to feel comfortable taking mental health days.

And more importantly, do they believe mental health days should be categorised separately to an average sick day?

In true LiveHire style, instead of assuming an answer, we took it to the Australian workers and asked:

“Should organisations provide mental health days on top of sick days?”

72% of Australian workers surveyed believed organisations should provide mental health days on top of sick days.

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The results are astounding!

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