New message inbox features: enhanced team collaboration and engagement with candidates.

This week we are introducing some major updates and features to your LiveHire Talent Community messaging inbox, to make it even easier for your whole team to collaborate with great talent in one place.

One small step LiveHire, one giant step for humanising recruitment with your Talent Community.

Electronic Mail, aka email, first emerged in the early 1960’s #mindblown and in 2015 over 205 billion emails hit inboxes around the globe per day! So it comes as no great surprise that email and our inbox has quickly become the necessary evil we all love to hate.

On a good day, your inbox is your pleasant task oriented, filing fairy who can make your working life a breeze. On a bad day, you become the chocolate guzzling monster drowning in email quicksand. After a quick poll around this office, we discovered this good vs. evil email experience all came down to the inbox functionality. Your feedback and requests to improve the LiveHire Message Inbox have been heard!

So let’s get to the good bits:

  • Your LiveHire Inbox is still accessed using the same inbox icon top right next to your profile photo, when you have new unread messages, a white and red notification will appear.
  • The first major difference is all your teams’ communications with talent are in one central place. (I can hear your sighs of relief). Your inbox will default first to your messages, so you can respond quickly and manage them into a status that makes sense to you.

LiveHire Inbox

  • By clicking on “Team” you will now be able to quickly see what messages your team has sent so you do not double up on effort.
  • Bulk messages (where you have sent the same message to multiple candidates privately) are now grouped into one message so you don’t have to scroll through loads of individual messages. Plus now you can see who has responded to the group message! Cool hey!
  • You can ‘star’ important messages to keep the best candidate conversations front of mind, and also mark messages as “unread” if you want to attend to them later.
  • Just like Facebook Messenger you can quickly join and leave team conversations so you can keep on top of the candidates you’re interested in, and the conversations your other team members might be having with them.

LiveHire team inbox

We hope you’re already enjoying our improved Message Inbox and breezing through your days.

If you’d like to learn more visit our help centre where we have loads of useful articles on how to get the most out of LiveHire, or simply click the help icon bottom left of your screen when inside your LiveHire Talent Community.

And as always, please continue to share your feedback with us, we love hearing from the LiveHire Recruiter Community!

If you don’t have your own company Talent Community, you can register one today for free here.

The LiveHire Team

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