What is a Talent Community Consultant? An interview w/ Ashley Wilson & Rebekah Di Blasi.

 To begin, what is a Talent Community Consultant?

Ashley Wilson: “An expert on the LiveHire product and how it helps our customers and candidates. I do everything from candidate engagement, profile tagging/rating and Talent Pooling, converting incomplete/temporary profiles, screening candidates to be job ready, vacancy management, Talent Community growth, customer advocacy through social media and engaging with current employees through company newsletter and internal events.”

What made you decide you needed a Talent Community Consultant (TCC)?

Rebekah Di Blasi:  “We had established and populated our Talent Community over about an 8 month period and although we were achieving some fantastic results, I just didn’t have the time in my stand-alone HR role to focus on the community and take it to the next level. When LiveHire’s Talent Pooling functionality went live, I knew it was time to get some support in order to follow through on our talent strategy. I considered sourcing someone in an internal role but instead jumped on the opportunity to work with a TCC who really understood the platform and our proactive recruitment strategy so could hit the ground running!”

How did Ashley help you execute your Talent Community strategy?

Rebekah Di Blasi: “Ashley worked with us to develop a tactical plan to execute on our talent strategy, particularly focusing on how we managed candidates once they joined our Talent Community. We already had a strong sourcing strategy and an understanding of the candidate profiles we were targeting but we needed help with questions like “What should our Talent Pools look like? What should our tagging look like? What guidelines should we set around communication and follow-up when a candidate joins the community?”

Ashley Wilson: “With any new customer, I make an agreed plan and framework document including the establishment of Talent Pools, categorising key jobs and upcoming projects, identifying hires per year to set targets, developing a customer-specific tagging and rating system, and advise on best practice usage of the platform.”

Rebekah Di Blasi: “In the first few months, Ashley worked through our entire community and ensured everyone was tagged according to the agreed framework, created Talent Pools and assigned candidates to those pools, and grew the community by connecting with suitable candidate profiles in the Live Market. She continually monitored the Talent Pool numbers and worked closely with me to achieve our desired targets.

How does Ashley directly contribute to the recruitment process and a great candidate experience?

Rebekah Di Blasi: “Along with the initial set up, Ashley’s growing knowledge of KJR’s sourcing requirements led to her helping directly with recruitment campaigns for both pooled talent and active vacancies. In line with the candidate communication strategy she helped us to develop, Ashley has been the first point of contact for every member of the community, conducting the initial screening and adding notes and a rating to their LiveHire profile. Her support has been invaluable and she has been a great advocate for KJR!”

Ashley Wilson: “LiveHire provides all of the tools for a great candidate experience. I put this in practice by welcoming all new candidates to the Talent Community and ask what kind of role they are looking for early, before I Talent Pool to avoid boxing them into something they aren’t interested in. It’s important to be open and honest with your candidates. Once they express interest I organise a phone call to find out more about them and to answer any questions they may have. When I was a candidate I really appreciated the call from the recruiter, even when there wasn’t a job — I felt valued.”

How do you help customers ‘Reach.Hire’?

Ashley Wilson: “Because our focus is on proactive sourcing, we need to keep candidates interested and feeling good about the company they’ve connected with. So that I can be ready for the next vacancy to arise, I look at historical data on critical roles in hard-to-fill locations/areas and focus on keeping talent warm, as well as ensuring our Talent Pools are meeting targets. I think it’s important to have phone screened, available candidates in ‘Ready to Hire’ swim lanes before a vacancy arises, so we can immediately shortlist towards a role. This has recently resulted in two hires in under five hours!”

Rebekah Di Blasi: “As a tech consultancy, everything we do is based on relationships and this includes building strong relationships with talent. We want to be actively communicating with candidates so we understand who they are and the type of role they’re really looking for. When an opportunity comes up, we can fill the role quickly as we already know who’s interested, available and a great fit for KJR. Essentially, we’re always looking for that win-win situation! We’re finding great people, our clients have fantastic Consultants working on their projects and our candidates are happy as they are being matched with career opportunities they actually want. Ashley has been essential in helping us to achieve the win-win situation for everyone!”

Who would you recommend a TCC to?

Rebekah Di Blasi: “In my situation, managing the end-to-end people function in a stand-alone role, I was looking for someone to be hands-on and essentially become a part of my team to focus on managing and maintaining the LiveHire platform. Ashley basically became an extension of me and was able to execute on the tactical aspects of our talent strategy while I focused on employer branding, strategic sourcing and workforce planning. I would also recommend a TCC to any organisation using the LiveHire platform as part of their strategy to shift from reactive to proactive recruitment which often comes with the challenge of changing mindsets and work practices amongst an established talent function. A TCC can not only support the development and implementation of new processes and ways of working, but can also act as a change agent amongst the team, advocating for both the LiveHire platform and the benefits of a proactive approach to recruitment.”

Ashley Wilson: “It’s important that you put time aside as early as possible to ensure you set your Talent Community up for success. By putting in time and planning, you can get your whole team on board and make the world of difference!”

Would you recommend a TCC?

Rebekah Di Blasi: “Yes, definitely. Partnering with Ashley as a TCC was one of the best decisions we ever made! She has made a huge difference to the way we leverage our Talent Community and the LiveHire platform, and has been critical to KJR’s continued success in 2017!” 

Ashley Wilson [left] pictured with Rebekah Di Blasi [right] pictured above enjoying a night out together. 🙌

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