Yanet Devis’s Women in Tech Profile

Grant Thornton’s Venezuelan Senior Associate, Yanet Devis, is beyond inspiring. Having moved to the UK to complete her Masters in Information Systems, and now in Sydney for a six-month assignment, Yanet always knew that she could do whatever she put her mind to.

“My dad is an extremely positive person, he’s a dreamer and my mum is quite the opposite. It’s good because they balance each other. We have to be positive but realistic at the same time. When I was in Venezuela I always wanted to move abroad but it was hard because of passports, visas, money, so there were lots of obstacles, but I was positive I could make it happen if I did the proper things, kept positive and was realistic in knowing what I wanted to achieve.”

A lover of skydiving, scuba diving and all things extreme sport related, “Here in Australia I’m able to do all of the extremes sports I can do in the UK!”. Yanet admits to spending a lot of time on the computer, stating “I do small graphic films for animation in my spare time. You model things on the computer and give them actions, 3D animation. It requires time and patience, I love reading so sometimes I’ll go to the park and read instead”.

Yanet explains her role as Senior Associate, where she works as an IT Auditor, “I’m able to run an end to end audit, contacting the client, doing field work and reporting, and sometimes reviewing the report and sending it back to the client”. As a young female in a rather traditional industry, Yanet gives her best advice on making sure you’re always respected and taken seriously, “Just be yourself. Answer the questions because you know what you’re doing and you know what you’re talking about, and they’ll realise that you do”.

Believing that we should be encouraging more young girls into the tech industry, Yanet explains; “At some point, everything is going to be based on tech, I mean everything. Women should be aware of what’s coming and just join the movement! It’s always been hard for women, not just in technology, but in getting jobs that they like and fulfil them. Now women are liberated, so why not do it in tech? Why not?”

Offering her advice to young women wanting to pursue a career in the tech industry, Yanet states; “Don’t be shy, say what you have to say, it’s not complaining! Just say listen, and ask why is it this way? Don’t keep things to yourself. As a result, things will either change or not change, and if it doesn’t it’s time to move onto another job. Don’t just stick to something because it’s the thing you’ve always been doing”.

Yanet believes that one of the biggest misconceptions about the tech industry is that “you have to know about tech to work in tech, you don’t! You’ll learn by shadowing people. Not all people know how to code, you don’t need to know how to code to work in tech.”

“The only thing about tech that is not a misconception, is that fact that you have to keep learning. New Technology is coming out all of the time. You need to be constantly networking, studying and evolving.”

Grant Thornton works with businesses to help them to grow. Our women in technology work with businesses day to day to help them optimise the use of technology in the business, assess risk, navigate change and transform.

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